How to easily use crystals

The million dollar question, what do I do? How do I work with crystals? Where will I put them? Can I do it wrong?

These are all questions I hear, nearly on a daily basis, in the shop. Everyone seems to know about them but not everyone knows the best way to use them.

I like to keep it simple. My easiest tip is simply… keep them close.

So if you are using the Grounding crystals for example, to keep yourself grounded, and in the present moment , and out of your head then my suggestion would be to have one or more of them on you.

The easiest way to do this is either have them in your pocket ( make sure no money is also in your pocket as money is also energy and handled by lots of other energies). So an empty pocket ( with no other energies in there) is a good place. A pocket in trousers can be good as that’s also on the leg/hip area which is connected with the root chakra.

Hold them in your hands if you are tense and rub them with your fingers, this action alone can be calming but its also a good way to connect with the crystals.

One of my favourite ways to keep them close is to wear them. So you can do this by getting them as jewelry eg as a pendant, necklace, ring etc

Or… the most popular choice of our customers is to get the crystal tumblestones and get the cage with rope necklace to put them in. These are unisex, which helps, and it also means you can change the crystals from the cage when you feel like it, depending on what mood your in or what crystal you want to work with on any day.

I also recommend having some in your hoe, one larger piece can be nice and depending on whats going on with your energy you can have them in the living room or bedroom. If Im working on something and I want a particular crystal to help me with this then I would bring the crystal into my bedroom and place it beside my bed.

In general though, I have some larger crystals in my living room, where i like to relax and hang out. So I have a large Rose Quartz Crystal in my living room that not only has a beautiful pink warm glow it also oozes a beautiful loving energy around my home.I have a beautiful large Citrine Cathedral too in my living room, I love this crystal as its nick named 'the happiness crystal' and thats the energy it vibrates. The other large piece I have in my home is Amethyst, I have a large Cluster of Amethyst in its natural state ( unpolished) and I highly recommend Amethyst crystal for every home as this is the crystal of Peace & Harmony.

I will be doing more blogs in the future on crystals, their meaning and in Feng Shui the best ones to have and best places to have them in your home and workplace. So watch this space!

#howtochoosecrystals #lovecrystals

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