Being grounded helps us to be strong

By being grounded we are connected to our root chakra ( base of the spine) which, like the name, keeps us rooted , like a tree.When we are grounded we are rooted like a tree so its harder to fall over or fall down. When we are not rooted, and we are un grounded, you could nearly blow on someone and they could fall over. When your grounded your like the elephant ( one of the animals that symbolically represents the root chakra), you are strong and able to deal with whats going.

Like the Elephant , feet firmly and strongly on the ground, have you ever tried to lift an elephant! Elephants are very connected with the Earth. If we are like the Elephant then we are dealing with things one step at a time with our feet firmly on the ground.

When grounded, like the Elephant, you have the energy & strength to blast through the blocks that appear in front of you. If an Elephant was charging towards you, would get out of the way? Being grounded helps give us the strength to face things, to blast through blocks, to think more clearly.

How are we when we are grounded?

When we are in the grounded ( in the present moment) we are more aware, we can see things more clearly as we are looking at whats in right front of us as opposed to staring at thoughts in our head. Thoughts of the past or of the future, neither of which we are ever in, we are only ever in the present moment.We also have more strength. Why, you may ask. Well its simple, when we worry or are in a state of stress our fight or flight response kicks in. This is automatic, a human response to danger. When this happens our energy literally leaves our root and comes up to our head to keep us awake so we can stay awake and deal with the danger until its gone. Energy is taken away from different parts of our body so it can all go into the immediate fight or flight response. You have often seen people jump over a high wall when being chased, how did I make it they say, the adrenaline and fight or flight gave you extra energy to do this. Afterwards , the body gets extremely tired after pumping such surges of energy into the body.Well not to this extreme but when we are in a state of stress the energy is being focused in this danger mode so you may not be able to think clearly, your legs may even feel light with all the energy moving focusing on immediate out survival.

So when your grounded, it’s a way of coming back into the present moment. The body believes what you are thinking to be reality. So by grounding your telling the body Im here, in this chair in my kitchen and Im ok. I am safe. This helps the body to then come out of danger mode and into a state of calm and strength.

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