So grounding is mentioned everywhere but what exactly is it?!

Grounding is where we consciously and actively bring our awareness and our energy into the present moment.

Most of us at any one time are not in the present moment we are in our heads, in our thoughts. So, for example, your body could be in the kitchen, sitting in a chair sipping a hot coffee and your mind could be in the Bahamas!

How often do you actually feel your body sitting in your chair? Or notice the heat of the coffee cup in your hand, or hear the breeze outside shaking the trees as you sip………. Unless your grounded you will notice none of these, you will only ‘ be where your thoughts are’.

This is why its so important to ground because if our thoughts are in worry then our body is in worry and thats all our body is perceiving and reacting to.

When we ground we are in the present moment and we, as humans, when in the present moment & grounded can deal with whats right in front of us. We may not always like whats right in front of us, like now with the Corona Virus, but…. once we are grounded we can have the strength to deal with it.

When we are not grounded, fully in the present moment, then we don’t have the strength to deal with what is staring us in the face, because our energy is being used up worrying.

Its very easy to ground, and its effects are amazing.

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