What crystals are good for grounding

There are some great crystals that you can use for grounding. I like to keep things simple as there are many schools of thought on which crystals to use. I suggest simply going by the colours of the chakras as a first tip.

The root chakra ( as mentioned in the grounding blog) is the chakra closest to the earth. So therefore connecting with the earth helps this chakra, helping you to ground. Simple! So the colour of the root chakra is Red.

Any red crystals quite simply help you to ground.

We also have another chakra (energy centre) below our feet, they say its about 12 inches below our feet and this is called our Earth Star. This is our direct link to the Earth and its crystaline grid. This chakra is Black in colour so .... yes you guessed it, any black crystals help this connection , therfore helping us to ground.

So some suggestions are:

Red jasper ( RED)

Bloodstone (RED)

Black Tourmaline (BLACK)

Onyx (BLACK)

Shungite (BLACK)

Obsidian (BLACK)

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