We have a range of Professional Angel readers that come with varied gifts and specialties. Some use Angel Cards, others use Tarot cards and some use no cards at all, they simply TUNE IN. There are Psychics & Mediums and we even have a scribe! 

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Due to the lockdown all our events have had to be postponed. We will announce new dates as soon as lockdown is over.


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Grainne Tyndall

Grainne Tyndall is an International Numerologist and Soul Seer. She has helped thousands of people to discover and uncover their true Soul Contracts in all areas of life.

New dates to be announced after lockdown

Psychic Henry

Henry is is known nationally and internationally.for his work as a medium. His Grandfather was a tea-leaf reader. Based in Sligo, his work takes him virtually to all parts. He regularly work in England, and has worked in USA and Australia. Henry has also worked in spiritualist church's. His purpose is to connect the two worlds and bring them closer together.

These one to one private sessions with Henry Burns are for 45 minutes approx.

New dates to be announced after lockdown

Yvonne Costelloe

Yvonne is a 6th. Generation natural Psychic, from birth. Giving Heart 2 Heart readings delivering her messages with compassion and extraordinary clarity, empowering others. Working closely with Angels, Guides and loved ones, connecting with Spirit and or Source

Yvonne can help you find love, solve relationship issues. So if you are confused, lost, alone uncertain, and you are looking for an ideal partner ...Yvonne specializes in love and romance. Allow her to unveil the Secret to find your Soul Mate or Twin Flame. Guiding you to connect, with loved ones, in Spirit embrace Love, Joy, Happiness, Career, Goals, guiding your path and Shining a light In Health and Wellness Finance and Money and much more.

Yvonne is known for her appearances on Ryan Confidential, Podge and Rodge, Seóige and Óshea, Brendan Grace specials, Night Owl's, The Saturday Night Show with ‘Brendan O’Connor, Nationwide, TV 3 Midday, Ireland AM and her role in Fair City as Bernie Walsh. 

New dates to be announced after lockdown

Francesca Brown

She wrote 'My Whispering Angels' and 'The Voices of Angels' and her newest book 'Inside Im Listening'.

Francesca Brown is a fascinating lady with an amazing gift guided to enlighten and enrich the lives of others with hope and purpose.


Francesca's remarkable story is a testament to the transformations that can occur if you open your eyes and your heart to hope.

In these sessions with Francesca Brown she talks to you through her Angel Ann.  

These one to one private sessions with Francesca Brown are for One hour.

New dates to be announced after lockdown

Aidan Storey

Aidan Storey is best Selling Irish Author of 'Angels of Divine Light' and 'Bringing Death to Life'.

Aidan adopts a powerful but compassionate approach in his work, using his Psychic gifts, his expertise as an Angel Therapist and a Spiritual Healer to help people understand their own spiritual identity

These one to one private sessions with Aidan Storey are for 45 minutes approx.

New dates to be announced after lockdown

Helen Star

Helen Star is a psychic medium who has had her gift since she was 7. She uses the angel cards and crystal ball when she does one to one angel readings. She also does a Palm Reading during your session.She helps you with direction with love, happiness, travel or what ever is needed.

These one to one private sessions with Helen are for 30 minutes approx.

New dates to be announced after lockdown


Gail Riding

Gail Riding is an international Spiritual Medium and Trance Medium (Spirit Channelling) ​ she has over 40 years’ experience in giving clairvoyant readings and psychic phone readings she is CSNUT qualified in 'Spiritual medium training'. 

Gail Riding has a passion for her work that can be seen and felt through the wonderful connection and correlation she has with those she works with from spirit. Her mediumship is further enhanced by her natural humour and down to earth approach which ensures that those fortunate enough to receive a personal message from her to get top drawer evidence that your loved ones are working with her. Gail works regularly in Spain, Germany, Australia, Guernsey, Gran Canaria and the UK.

These one to one private sessions with Gail Riding are for 30 minutes approx.

New dates to be announced after lockdown

Julianna Jay

If you received a sacred letter from your soul to help to guide you, would you read it?

That’s exactly what Julianna Jay offers. When she scribes she captures the ancient wisdom of your soul and presents it to you.

These message can help bring clarity and perspective on
• Life purpose
• Business advice
• Relationships
• Career
• Education
• Emotional Blocks

Your Soul knows you have all you need within to live your authentic power.

Your spiritual experience will bring the transformation to heal and transform your life.

These one to one private sessions with Julianna are for 90 minutes.


New dates will be announced after the lockdown

Josephine Harhen

Josephine Harhen's love of Mediumship and deep connection to the Spirit World helps to reunite her clients with those who have passed in a gentle loving way.

A reading with Josephine is a powerful experience as she brings guidance and insight on past, present and future issues using her own Psychic gifts plus the Angel and Tarot Cards as well as connecting to family and friends in the Spirit World.

She believes that those in Spirit wish to communicate and connect so that their loved ones know that even in death life goes on.

New dates to be announced after lockdown




If you have a group, we can do group Angel readings ( minimum 6 people). These take place upstairs in our skywalker room.

If its a special occasion or a hen party we can cater to your needs with bubbly and magical good luck charms with your Reading. Call us for more information on +353 71 9143440



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