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Scribe Soul Readings
with Julianna Jay
Friday 29th September 2023

If you received a sacred letter from your soul to help to guide you, would you read it?

That’s exactly what Julianna Jay offers. When she scribes she captures the ancient wisdom of your soul and presents it to you.

These message can help bring clarity and perspective on

• Life purpose
• Business advice
• Relationships
• Career
• Education
• Emotional Blocks

Your Soul knows you have all you need within to live your authentic power.

Your spiritual experience will bring the transformation to heal and transform your life.

These one to one private sessions with Julianna are for 75 minutes

more details below: 

1:1 Sessions: Soul Reading With Julianna Jay

A soul session is an opportunity to seek divine inspiration, insights and answers to specific questions that are hurting you and weighing on your heart and mind.

These soul sessions provide enlightenment for highly conscious truth seekers, light workers and healers who are seeking pure guidance from Source that they can trust.


Prior to your soul session you will receive a channelled letter of love and empowerment known as signpost from the soul.


This letter is laced with golden nuggets of soul wisdom which and forms the bases of a chanelled divine counselling session. During your soul session you will find comfort in objective, non-judgemental, supportive guidance delivered with grace from Source through your soul.  


These words of truth that makes sense, without turning your world upside down as they are aligned with your soul’s internal guidance system and intuition. 


How does the process work?
Step 1: I tune in, raise my vibration and in the silence I listen to your soul speak. As a channel I bring the voice of reason in the midst of the storm, delivering messages of empowerment into your heart when you’re at a crossroads in your life.

These channelled letters accompanied with a divine counselling session are pure and laced with unconditional love for the situation you find yourself in. 

The messages I receive come from you’re your soul through your personal guides and Source energy to help and support you during this transformational experience.


I hold sacred space for you to align with the sacredness with your inner journey. I meet you at the crossroads of life at the times when Life cracks you (your heart) open and the divine comes in to remind you of who you are ad when you
fearful of taking the next step on life’s journey.

There are messages of truth that you can trust and act on straight away so you can un wrap the gift of you and follow  the truest path of your soul. These soul sessions facilitates a dialogue with Source that brings you support and confidence to help you navigate the path ahead.

How can a soul session help me to make great life choices? 

This unique spiritual experience will help you when Life cracks us open and the divine comes in to remind us of who we are. It will help to re-connect you when you’ve lost touch with your inner voice, the divine in your life, and you need to reconnect with the loving support that surrounds and guides you. Soul sessions bring clarity, direction, hope and divine inspiration.

Relationships: A soul session brings understanding and insight into relationship dynamics, allowing for you to feel “you” in relationship to others and see clearly what re-occurring patterns that are transpiring. These insightful conversations with Source are divine intervention enabling healing and harmonious exchanges in your close and intimate relationships.

Unwrapping your sacred path: Your soul session respects and acknowledgment of your internal dialogue and intuition. Together we look for the blind spots in the understanding your soul’s mission. This empowerment encourages you to step into the true you by surrendering to the divine guidance of where what is for your highest good and under the law of grace and what has served its purpose in your life and now needs to be transcended.

Finding new perspective and shifting vibration: Your scribed letter has the divine power to soothe the heart though the quiet whisper and reassurance of the soul casting a light on what really matter.

It will remind you of your resilience when you need hope to guide your way reassuring you that you have the resources within that you need to navigate the path ahead.

Julianna is the conduit that will meet you on your healing journey understanding and honouring the road you have travelled when you feel it’s too much to walk alone and to support you by offering choices so you can re-evaluate your decisions aligning you with the breakthroughs to move forward

When we have followed our intuition and it has brought a less than desirable result you can feel doubtful of yourself and your guidance and hunches.


This independent guidance helps to cement what you have been getting to clear the path ahead.  It helps to clear the internal dialogue and addresses notions like 
· Is what I’m getting what I want to hear? 
· Is the guidance I’m hearing true or is it my ego at play? 
· Is what I’m sensing the truth or is it fear talking?
· “Shine the light while so that I could find my own way until I
· Could find my own light and way out of the darkness. 
· Human and spiritual aspect of your life…. Understand the
· Struggles of the human aspect of our life. ….. bridge the gap for
· when clients are feeling the distance between the intuitive
· guidance and the true voice of the soul and the competition from
· The noise from outside.

To book simply call 071 9143440 - Booking essential

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