Visiting Sligo? Why not book in ahead of time for a  lovely treatment!




We run many holistic treaments here at Angel & Gift World. These treatments all take place in our Gabriel Healing room , which was built with Crystals in the walls, even by being in this room can be very healing and relaxing.


Reiki Treatments are available everyday, booking essential.


We also have Aura-Soma Consultations and Advanced Light Therapy Sessions available every day, again you simply need to call us to book.


Amatsu we have here about twice a month, details of Amatsu and dates are all below.


We also have special treatments that come a couple of times a year and you can see details of this below.


To book and check availability simply call  us on 071 9143440.

Reiki Healings

Available everyday

What does Reiki do?

“Reiki helps attain health, happiness and security which leads to the road of longevity…”

Quite simply Reiki helps put you back into balance. It helps clear blockages in your energy and re fill you with ALL OF YOU. It helps you to re gain your inner strength and clear away anything negative you are holding thats stopping you from moving forward. It is a non intrusive gentle therapy with very powerful effects. Try it and see!


To book a one to one private Reiki Healing with Marleen please call us on 071 9143440. You will need to call to book a time that is available and that suits. Marleen does Reiki Healings most days, advance booking is advised.

Amatsu is available twice a month, every month. Please see up and coming dates above.


Amatsu has its roots in traditional Japanese medicine and is based on the principles of natural movement oriented therapy. This works with soft tissues to enhance the natural ability of the body to correct and align injuries, postural faults, and enhance movement performance. There are no hard adjustments in Amatsu. It is suitable for all ages. - Treatment lasts one hour. Booking essential.


COST: €50 


To book for a session please call us on 071 9143440


Up and coming dates: 

March 21st '19

April 11th '19


Advanced Light Therapy Sessions
Colour & Light on the Pathways

Available everyday

In Chinese Medicine there are certain colour associations with each of the five Elements and hence correspondingly with specific organs. This therapy is a more developed system including all 14 colours with the 14 meridians so as to include these as well as the main organs and elements.


During this session a light pen, infused with crystals and aromatherapy oils,is used. Light rays penetrate the body through the meridians ( energy rivers) and acupuncture points

Cutting edge science now recognises all cells in the body communicate via light. ‘We know today that man is essentially a being of light…. In terms of healing the implications are immense.’

Some of the Advanced Light Therapy Sessions you can have

Inner Feng Shui Sessions for balance

Emotional well being

Eye Sessions, Ear zones

Windows to the Archangels session

Mental Clarity session

Addictive personality sessions

Stages of pregnancy sessions

Advanced Chakra sessions through acupuncture points

Early Childhood sessions

(this is just a sample of some of the sessions available,  sessions are tailored specifically for you and what you need) 

Call us for further information


Helps bring Balance

Deep Relaxation

Helps reduce blocks in the energy system

Helps on a physical, emotional and Mental level and Well- Being

Deep Healing


COST: Introductory price of:€50 for a session


To book for a session please call us on 071 9143440 ( booking deposit required)

Aura-Soma Consultations

Available everyday



‘John of God’ Crystal Bed Therapy, sometimes referred to as Crystal Light Therapy,is an Energy Healing modality used by ‘John of God’ at the Casa de Dom Inácio in Brasil, as part of a person’s individual healing experience.
This new and unique therapy can assist with:
 ‘Spiritual Healing’ on all levels;
    Chakra and Aura:
    Balancing; and


Treat yourself (or significant other) to a therapy treatment, which will normally last between 50 minutes to an hour in length. Cost €65. 


To book for a session and pay €30 booking deposit please call us on 071 9143440


'JOHN OF GOD' Crystal Bed Therapy

new date for 2019 coming soon

Aura-Soma speaks to you through over 100 beautiful bottles of rainbow coloured crystal oils..


It is a non-intrusive colour care system which offers the opportunity for awareness and transformation. It invites people to work from the deepest level of their being, empowering them to help themselves. 


An initial consultation lasts over an hour. Through your colour preferences, 


Aura-Soma brings consciousness and insight from a deep inner level.


During the consultation you can gain insight into your current situation and the larger pattern of your life story. The colour choice reveal your gifts, challenges and opportunities.


To book a one to one private Aura-Soma Consultation please call us on 071 9143440.