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Akashic Records: Manifesting Demystified Workshop
Saturday 30th September 2023
Do you want to connect with your unique soul story held in your book of life - Your Akashic record, aka Your Soul Contract.


What if you could access your soul contract to be sure about the path you wish to take. The Akashic record holds your contract, and you can learn TO READ IT to understand clearly  WHAT YOU WANT TO MANIFEST  and what your soul has come on earth to experience.

The Akashic Records is a fantastic spiritual resource that allows us to manifest exactly the human experience you want for yourself - in authentic, practical ways. The secret lies in knowing how to access your Akashic record effectively and accurately with ease and grace. I can show you how to do it.

You're invited to my new training.

Akashic Records: Demystified, Learn to read your own Soul Contract

  • How the Akashic Records can help us understand your unique soul contract, your book of life and the role of past lives so that you can manifest what you truly want.

  • How to work with your Soul contract and guides through the 5th dimensional magical chariot of fire into the hall of record.

  • Learning how to read the bigger picture and soul messages through accessing the 4 higher realms

  • How to unlock your Soul contract to manifest the human experience we choose through our unique soul story


It's all happening on September 30th here at Angel & Gift World in Sligo

You are ready. Let's manifest in alignment with your soul contract."See you" in training!

To your infinite inner wisdom.​

Please bring a blanket for deep soulful meditation and a one and paper with you.


About Julianna

After listening to hearts and guiding spiritual women into the purpose for over ten years as a soul reader, healer, and empath coach, I recognize that this spiritual path opens your sensitivity and the floodgates of emotions and empathy.

If this is not managed, it can feel soul-destroying. Managing it can lead you to re-igniting your spark and leaving a legacy. I've found my way through change, which has enriched my life. I'm here to share all the golden nuggets I have found so you can move from surviving to thriving and feeling in your own skin. 


Teaching people to manage their emotions and embrace a holistic approach to their health and well-being has brought me a fountain of knowledge and solutions that work and I'd love to share them with you. 


My prayer is that my professional experience will show you how to reclaim that destiny in ways that inspire you to embrace a steady transition through this phase where you feel empowered, courageous, and adventurous.


 Knowledge is power, and our attitude to life makes all the difference. Your soul has the answers you seek, and I'm here to help you access them. If you are ready, I'm here as your intuitive teacher to help you find clarity, purpose, and well-being. 


Women celebrate "the change" as a rite of passage, "the emergence of a new phase" in a woman's life where she is free to explore, reset her




After giving, giving, giving, it's time to put yourself 1st, invest in your health, educate yourself on what is happening, and start embracing this next step in the story of your life on this mystical journey as the power house I know you are. If you are ready, I'm here to guide you.


Retreat Times 10 am to 4 pm

This course is €150 - To book this course, with €35 booking deposit, simply click the link below called 'book this course for one person'

Meet your Teacher 

Julianna Jay, the Empath Coach, is a mystic and soul guide inspiring women to live authentically, aligned with their core values and empathy as they shine their unique light in the world. Julianna Jay, author and creator of The Holistic approach to Menopause. This is designed to  empower women to rise and reclaim their self-worth. 


A graduate of the MII, breakthrough coach, accredited mindfulness and meditation teacher, and workshop facilitator, she has spent over 20 years as a high achiever in the corporate arena in the advertising and Pharma industries. Walking her soul path, she incorporates the value of the wisdom gleaned in her life into all of her inspirational speeches.

Fondly known as “The soul Illuminator,” she is a regular guest on  international Tele-Summits, podcasts, and events. She lives life to the fullest and shares wisdom on emotional intelligence and the value of empathy in our lives, and inspires all who hear her dive to discover deep and live their true soul story. 

Julianna Jay intrigues and challenges you with transformational concepts, inspiring ideas, and truths drawing them into great states of deep reflection on the importance of being authentic and navigating their emotions to reduce overwhelm and re-ignite the creative spark in the workplace. Julianna shares her humor, logic, and profoundly personal experience of self-sabotage challenges and uncovering the valuable gift of being an empath in the global corporate arena. Her presence brings waves of empowerment, inspiration, and potent energy to lift your heart and soothe the collective soul.

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