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Learn how to Teach Reiki

Teacher OnlineTraining

Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd September 2024
This course is Online and is run over 2.5 days.

The Tera Mai Reiki Master Teacher Training Course

was designed by the Reiki Federation of Ireland.  This TEACHER training is for those Reiki Masters who want to Teach Reiki Professionally. Marleen goes through each level of Reiki from a Teachers Perspective with step by step guidelines.


This workshop is offered to those who have already completed Reiki Mastership and would now like to Teach Reiki Professionally.


This level of Reiki training is only required if you intend to teach Reiki professionally, developed by the REIKI FEDERATION OF IRELAND.


It is taught over two days with a follow up meeting, specific to the Reiki Master Teacher Module, within three weeks to six months after the initial class.

As well as covering the Reiki Federation of Ireland Tera Mai  Reiki Master Teacher Agenda Marleen also covers the following in this course:


  • Best Practice for Teaching & Guidelines

  • The different ways people learn

  • Marleen's Reiki Teaching Tips from over 20 years Teaching experience

  • Brainstorming Ideas

  • Reiki Initiations in detail ( including handouts)

  • Business Awareness

  • Resources (handouts)

  • Meditation & Energy work

  • You will also get Marleen's Teacher Training Manual as well as the RFI Teacher Manual


The RFI Reiki Master Teacher Level Objectives:

To act in a Professional Ethical manner.


To ensure that each student is taught in a professional and caring way.


To support Reiki Master Teachers impart information/knowledge in a clear concise manner

The complete module for Tera Mai Reiki Master Teacher Level would include:


- Reiki Level 1 as per RFI guidelines 

- Reiki Level 2 as per RFI guidelines 

- Reiki Practitioner Module as per RFI guidelines (Reiki Practitioner Module is required for Professional Practitioner and Professional Teacher and can be completed any time after Reiki level 2)


- Reiki Master Level 3 as per RFI guidelines

- Guidelines for the Reiki Master Teacher

- Guidelines for Teaching the Students

- Duty of Student Care

- Professional Conduct

- Professional Teacher Requirements

- Review each Reiki Level from a Teacher’s perspective.

- Course manual 

Marleen has always been a teacher, even before she taught Reiki, and has used that experience to design extra handouts and a special manual for this course. The course outlines how to teach each level of Reiki in a simple but effective way. She offers many tips that she has gained through her practical experience of teaching for over 25 years.  

Reiki Master Teacher Certificate is gained on successful completion of this course. (You need to have already achieved Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level Two & Reiki Mastership Certification to do this course).

Investment: This course is €350. To book and pay 150 booking deposit please click the 'Book with deposit Reiki Master Teacher Training' button

Early bird offer: Early Bird offer get 10% off if you book and pay in full by 21st August 2024. To avail of the Early Bird Offer, please click the 'Early Bird Offer' button below 



Marleen is a Professional Reiki Practitioner and Master Teacher, meeting the Code of Ethics, Code of Practice and Teaching Guidelines of the Reiki Federation of Ireland

This is a Professionally Certified Course under the Guidelines
of the Reiki Federation of Ireland

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