The Keepers of the Light are a powerful congregation of enlightened souls who are dedicated to the peace, healing and nurturing of the world.

This stunning card deck is a bridge between heaven and Earth, drawing together 45 Ascended Masters, spiritual deities and higher beings from many world traditions who are here to help all of those who call on them.

This deck has been designed for spiritual seekers looking to develop their intuition, embrace their spiritual gifts and trust the messages they are receiving.

Are you ready to connect? Let the Keepers of the Light guide you!

Keepers of the Light - Oracle Cards

  • Kyle Gray is one of the UK's youngest, most sought-after angel experts, and the author of five books.

    KYLE GRAY became the UK's youngest professional psychic medium at the age of 16, and continues to amaze his clients with his startlingly accurate readings.

    He regularly speaks in front of large audiences, and teaches workshops around the world.