This Gemstone Healing Pack comes with the following Gemstones and a label with a description.


Tiger Eye a powerful stone that helps releasing fear and balancing harmony in ones energy. It is understood that Tiger's Eye Crystals help to stimulate taking action and aids understanding.

Black Tourmaline is the most common stone for Grounding and protection. It is often used by Farmers to protect their land. It helps to cleanse purify and transform any dense energy into a higher much lighter vibration as well as that it helps its carrier to remove any negative energy in their person or space., Labradorite the stone of transformation is said to help with strengthening, balancing and protecting its carriers aura and intuition.

Red Jasper   is well known for its strong grounding vibrations and its ability to help its carrier connect with the earth energy.


Vampire Kiss Incense Cones. Heighten your senses and create an inner feeling of power and control as you burn these Stamford Black Vampires Kiss Incense Cones.

Simply light the tip of your Stamford Black Vampires Kiss Incense Cone and wait for it to glow. Then blow out the flame and place in an incense holder for beautiful fragrance throughout your home.

( small tumblestones, like any small objects, must to be kept out of reach of small children )

PLEASE NOTE; The Colour and Design of the Organza Bag may vary.

Halloween - Gemstone Healing Pack