This Gemstone Healing Pack comes with the following Gemstones and a label with a description.


Tiger Eye a powerful stone that helps releasing fear and balancing harmony in ones energy. It is understood that Tiger's Eye Crystals help to stimulate taking action and aids understanding. 

Bloodstone is known for helping with intuition and increasing creativity. Bloodstone is also said to help with grounding and protection. It also draws off any negative energy. 

Black Obsidian is commonly known to help woth grounding and protection of ones energy. It also aids in truth-telling, overall healing and feng shui. Black Obsidian is also known to help form a shield against any negative energies.

Red Jasper is well known for its strong grounding vibrations and its ability to help its carrier connect with the earth energy. 

Hematite is a very protective stone that helps not only with protection of ones energy but also with grounding, it is said to be one of the best crystals to help its carrier stay grounded in many different situations. Hematite helps transform any negative energy into a more positive.


These crsyatls are perfect for anyone who might need a little help protecting their energy and staying grounded. 

( small tumblestones, like any small objects, must to be kept out of reach of small children )


PLEASE NOTE; The Colour and Design of the Organza Bag may vary.

Grounding - Gemstone Healing Pack