This Gemstone Healing Pack comes with the following Gemstones and a label with a description.


Carnelian known by many as the artist's stone. This vibrant stone helps its carrier to boost their confidence as well as the power of true expression. Carnelian also helps with creativity.

Citrine known as the stone of abundance and imagination. It is said that it will bring abundance into ones life by carrying it in their purse/wallet.

Rose Quartz (Rough) known as universal love stone most powerful in its raw form. It helps restoring trust and harmony in all types of relationships. It helps promote all types of love such as self-love, friendships, relationships as well as that it helps create a deep inner feeling of peace.  

Moonstone is known for its ability to help with fertility issues, bringing a sense of calmness and help with transition. It also brings intuition and new beginnings.


Carried in a bag or pocket these amazing crystals will help its carrier bring happiness and joy back into their lifes. 

( small tumblestones, like any small objects, must to be kept out of reach of small children )


PLEASE NOTE; The Colour and Design of the Organza Bag may vary.

Find Happiness & Joy again - Gemstone Healing Pack