In Directing Our Inner Light, Dr Brian L. Weiss offers an audio download of a guided meditation and explains the techniques he has used to help thousands of patients around the world harness the healing powers of meditation. You'll learn how relaxation, visualisation and regression can be used to release fears in a holistic way, strengthen the immune system and alleviate chronic pain and illness, among other benefits.

The practice of meditation also helps rid the mind of stress, intrusive thoughts and the pressure of the world, opening you up to what's truly important. The more you meditate, the further you move away from the level of everyday consciousness (encompassing frustration, anxiety and worry), and the closer you draw to the higher perspective of enlightenment. As you progress along this path, it becomes easier to achieve increasingly higher levels of spirituality.

This book was previously published by Hay House as Meditation: Achieving Inner Peace and Tranquility in Your Life.


Directing our inner Light - Book