This Gemstone Healing Pack comes with the following Gemstones and a label with a description.


Turquoise, Citrine, Tiger Eye, Moonstone, Bloodstone, Lepidolite, Rose Quartz, Labradorite


Turquoise like many blue crystals Tourquoise helps ones self with communication and speaking their truth. The main benefit for carrying a piece of Turquoise is that it encourages us to acccept ourselves and become one with our minds.

Citrine is a crystal that helps bringin joy and wonder back into ones life. Carrying a piece of citrine will bring an abuncance of enthusiasm and optimusm into the life of its carrier.

Tiger Eye is the perfect stone to help clear ones mind of fear and self-doubt which is often the cause of depression. 

Moonstone carriers are often known to have found Moonstone help them start fresh and encouraging their inner strength. 

Bloodstone is known to help bring love into any situation and to help clear the mind and body of negativity.

Lepidolite helps make negativity disappear. Most comingly known as the Stone of Transition, Lepidolite brings deep emotional healing and reduce stress.

Rose Quartz is the best stone to bring love back into ones life. It will help with all types of love especially self - love and self esteem. 

Labradorite is an excellent stone that strengthens ones intuition and stay grounded.


The best way to get the benefits of these crystals simply carry them with you wherever you go and when you feel everything gets too much simply hold one or more in your hands and let the loving and protecting energy flow through your hands into your body. ( small tumblestones, like any small objects, must to be kept out of reach of small children )


PLEASE NOTE; The Colour and Design of the Organza Bag may vary.

Depression - Gemstone Healing Pack