This Gemstone Healing Pack comes with the following Gemstones and a label with a description.


Rose Quartz Heart, Moonstone, Malachite, Lepidolite


Rose Quartz a stone of the heart and love helps to ballance all ones emotions as well as restoring trust and harmony in any typ of relationships.

Moonstone is said to help cool down and balance ones emotions and stress. It is also a great stone for compassion and empathy.

Malachite is best known for its ability to bring balance and abundance as well as draw out emotions that we thought have not been there. It is also said that Malachite helps balance these emotions too.

Lepidolite brings deep emotional healing as well as transition to ones feelings. It is best used for ones higher self and conciousness.


All these crystals are crystals from the heart and are best used for emotional cleanse. If you feel that you need a bit of positivity or help bringing your emotions back into Balance simply carry these on your person. You can also place them in your hand while you meditate, as you meditate the energy of these crystals will through your being. ( small tumblestones, like any small objects, must to be kept out of reach of small children )


PLEASE NOTE; The Colour and Design of the Organza Bag may vary.

Balance Your Emotions - Gemstone Healing Pack