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The Final Chapter: Navigating the Spiritual, Physical, and Legal Journey of Death
Two Day Workshop
Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th June 2023
10.30am to 5pm Each Day

Understanding the Final Chapter in the Journey of Life can be overwhelming and confusing.

From the legal responsibilites, decisions for healthcare, and understanding the emotional, physical and spiritual changes that occur in end of life care for the dying and their families.

Karen Montano, Transitional Consultant, brings her 40 years experience of working in both the Medical field and Spiritual Healing Arts to help create a roadmap to navigate the Spiritual , physical, and legal journey towards death.

This workshop is coming to Ireland, for the first time!

Techniques using the therapies of Art, Music, Dignity, and explanations of Inductions/Hypnotherapy for pain and anxiety relief will be taught.

Written details of Ireland's legal requirements for Health Care decisions and directives, end of life care, and processing a death will be discussed. Materials will be issued.

Understanding the stages of grief for those who will be physically leaving their bodies and for the families left behind and the guidance to access and process these changes and challenges.

Together we will focus on quality of life for the individual and their families.

Come join Karen Montano for the Final Chapter; Navigating the Spiritual , Physical, and Legal Journey of Death.

Learn more about Karen Montano

Who will benenfit from this workshop?
1. Children of Aging Parents
2. Caregivers
3. Healthcare workers for the aging and/or dying
4. Individuals facing their own mortality
5. Spiritual Practictioners wanting to add to their current practice

Investment:  This course is €295. To book and pay 50 booking simply go to the counter here in store.

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