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One day Introduction to Aura Soma
14th October 2023
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Colour is a key to the Soul. "You are the colours you choose". This is a one day introductory workshop to the beautiful two colour bottles of Aura-Soma, a Soul Colour Therapy.

Take time out to get to know yourself a bit more deeply through your choices from the amazing colours and scents of the system.

Find out how Aura-Soma can support you on your journey  Recognise your untapped talents and examine your challenges. Explore what uses Aura-Soma has in Reiki, Angel work, Massage, Meditation and other alternative practices.

The Equilibrium colours you choose can help you to trust your intuition and have a better understanding of yourself. This course can also be the first step on the journey to becoming an AuraSoma practitioner. It allows you to help not only your own wellness journey but also others to be the best versions of themselves.

The cost is 60eu. 

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