Amatsu has its roots in traditional Japanese medicine and is based on the principles of natural movement oriented therapy. This works with soft tissues to enhance the natural ability of the body to correct and align injuries, postural faults, and enhance movement performance. There are no hard adjustments in Amatsu. It is suitable for all ages. - Treatment lasts one hour. Booking essential.


COST: €50 


Reiki Healings

Welcome to our Holistic Treatments page. Here you can see all the holistic treatments that are available here in angelworld. All Treatments take place in the Gabriel Healing Room, upstairs in Angel & Gift World. This is a beautiful room built especially for healing, with crystals built into the walls so even by being in this room is a lovely experience. We have holistic treatments available on a regular basis and we also have extra treatments available monthly! Booking essential, to book please call us on 071 9143440.

Reiki is a natural method of healing that promotes a positive mind and healthy body. Reiki dissolves energy blockages and promotes natural balance between mind, body and spirit.


Reiki helps clear any blockages we may have and helps our energy to flow freely. Marleen does Reiki healings most days in angelworld so simply call us to make a booking.


COST: €45 



Crystal Healings promote energy and balance in your life. Crystal therapy is an ancient healing system concerned with treating patients holistically through the precise placement of crystals on the body and the surrounding room.


During a crystal healing session crystals are placed on energy centres on the body. The crystals help to stimulate energy flow through these centres. Crystal healing is about healing the etheric body, by healing the etheric body you heal the source of any imbalances that may manifest themselves in the physical body. These Crystal healing sessions last up to an hour.


COST: €40 




Crystal Healings
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