with Lisa Tully
Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th April '20

What does learning Animal Communication mean?

One way that animal communication can work is using telepathy. It’s the ability to communicate thoughts from one mind to another, either locally or remotely, without speaking or using signals. Telepathy is a skill that we are all born with. In time, this skill is buried by the regular methods of communication that we use. In other words, it goes to sleep. It can be reawakened for example through meditation.


However that is not the only way as each animal communicator has their own natural strengths. Some sense feelings, some hear thoughts, others can see colours and images. There is no right or wrong in this technique, we all bring our own unique gifts to the table. No previous experience is necessary. Come with a genuine willingness to give it a go & have some fun while you are at it!


What does this workshop offer?

During this weekend you start to tap into an entirely new way of relating to the animal kingdom. An essential way as it gives them a much needed voice. Discovering ways to use your heart energy to truly connect, perhaps for the first time, in a way that honours the level of consciousness all animals have.


You come home with the techniques to be a true advocate for the animal kingdom by doing remote readings from photographs and also in person with your animal friends. Together we have the opportunity to learn and develop the skills needed to bring healing on mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels to any animal in any location.

Dates & Times: Sat 18th April 2020 10:30am  – 4:30pm // Sun 19th April 2020 10am – 4pm

Fee: €250

Lisa Tully BSc (Hons) is an established animal communicator working with animals across the globe. Her ability to tune into their mental, emotional and physical states opens up an entirely different perspective.


By communicating directly with them & hearing their thoughts she gives them a voice, deepening our understanding of their essential nature, needs and messages. Working in harmony with all she acts as a bridge between humanity and the animal nation. Her belief is that any animal that plays a role in the shaping of their own destiny makes them a healthier, happier and more willing participant & companion.


Booking deposit of 50 euro required to book. To book and pay your deposit please click the 'Buy Now' button or simply call us on 071 9143440.

Early booking is advised as places are limited.

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