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Welcome to our ANGEL READINGS Page. We are an Angel Shop and Holistic centre based in Co. Sligo in Ireland. We hold Private One to One Angel Readings here in our Holistic Centre. If you can come to see us here then why not book to see one of our many Angel Readers. We have different readers that do readings here at Angel & gift world and all of them are excellent. They are all just different! 


These Angel Readings, as well as being insightful, can also be very healing. All the readers use Angel Cards which are used to help give direction on your life path.


You can read below to see who they are and when they are here, Booking is essential, booking deposit required. You can also book by calling us on 071 9143440.


New date coming soon!

She wrote 'My Whispering Angels' and 'The Voices of Angels' and her newest book 'Inside Im Listening'.

Francesca Brown is a fascinating lady with an amazing gift guided to enlighten and enrich the lives of others with hope and purpose. Francesca's remarkable story is a testament to the transformations that can occur if you open your eyes and your heart to hope.


These private one to one sessions with Francesca Brown are for one full hour. To book and pay €40 booking deposit to see Francesca Brown for a private reading please click the button below or call us on 071 9143440.  All booking deposits are non refundable.


Gail Riding

New date coming soon!


Gail Riding is an international Spiritual Medium and Trance Medium (Spirit Channelling) ​ she has over 40 years’ experience in giving clairvoyant readings and psychic phone readings she is CSNUT qualified in 'Spiritual medium training'. 

She is travelling over fromthe UK specially to come here to do readings which we are delighted about. She was such a huge success last year that we are thrilled she is coming back. 


INTERNATIONAL TRANCE AND SPIRITUAL MEDIUM who as a passion for her work that can be seen and felt through the wonderful connection and correlation she has with those she works with from spirit. Her mediumship is further enhanced by her natural humour and down to earth approach which ensures that those fortunate enough to receive a personal message from her get top drawer evidence that your loved ones are working with her. Gail works regularly in Spain, Germany, Australia, Guernsey, Gran Canaria and the UK.

Readings available;

Clients can if they wish bring photographs or personal effects of their loved ones, this often helps to attain a better connection and speed up the process  

Evidential Mediumship:

Contacting your loved ones that have passed to spirit 


​Psychic Tarot Reading 

Using my psychic abilities and tarot cards to give insight into your past influences, present situation

and possible future events.


Spiritual Assessment

For those that are following a spiritual path - Connecting with my guides and your psyche to give an

assessment and guidance on your spiritual journey and development.


To book and pay €20 booking deposit please click the button below or call us on 071 9143440.  All booking deposits are non refundable.

Signposts from the Soul
One to one private readings with Julianna Jay
Fri 22nd & Sat 23rd Nov '19


If you received a sacred letter from your soul to help to guide you, would you read it?

That’s exactly what JULIANNA offers. When she scribes she captures the ancient wisdom of your soul and presents it to you.


These message can help bring clarity and perspective on
• Life purpose
• Business advice
• Relationships
• Career
• Education
• Emotional Blocks


These messages are full of warmth and love.

Your Soul knows you have all you need within to live your authentic power. Just Listen for the Answers.

Your soul and your higher council of guided are not  limited by time or space. Your spiritual experience will bring the transformation to heal and transform your life.


These one to one private sessions with Julianna are for 90 minutes.


Booking desposit of 50 euro required to book. To book and pay your deposit please click the 'Buy Now' button or simply call us on 071 9143440.


( every Tuesday)


Renowned Psychic Medium Henry comes here to Angel & gift world every Tuesday. This popular Medium is known nationally and internationally. A reading with Henry costs 50 euro, booking essential(booking deposit required).


To book and pay your €20 booking deposit to see Psychic Henry here in our holistic centre on a tuesday then please click the button below or call us on 071 9143440.  All booking deposits are non refundable.


New date coming soon!

Helen Star is a psychic medium and she

uses the angel cards and crystal ball when she does one to one angel readings. She helps you with direction with love, happiness, travel or what ever is needed.


Readings with Helen Star cost 50 euro Book early to avoid disappointment (booking deposit required).

To book and pay €20 booking deposit to see Helen Star for a private reading please click the button below or call us on 071 9143440.  All booking deposits are non refundable.


New Date to be confirmed!


Aidan Storey, best Selling Irish Author of 'Angels of Divine Light' is coming to Angel & Gift doing one to one healing readings on Thursday 8th & Friday 9th August 2019.

Aidan adopts a powerful but compassionate approach in his work and using his Psychic gifts, his expertise as an Angel Therapist and a Spiritual Healer, helps people to understand their own spiritual identity.


Through his unique synergy with the Angels and Spirit Guides, he uncovers the real problems that prevent people taking their journey to enlightenment and fulfillment.


Aidan, as a healer, sets out to find the root cause of an issue. He moves through each problem layer by layer, taking it apart until he reaches the core issue. Once the real problem is identified, the Angels allow him to guide his client towards healing.


Aidan provides not only a set of answers but also the information to progress along a spiritual Path that will work for you.


Aidan has become established as one of the leading Psychics, Angel Therapists® and Angel Readers (including Angel Cards) in Ireland. His reputation as a gifted Spiritual Healer is also recognised in the United Kingdom, Europe and the USA.



To book and pay €40 booking deposit please click the button below or call us on 071 9143440.  All booking deposits are non refundable.

Psychic Anna

Saturday 8th February 2020


Psychic Anna - after such a huge success the last time we are delighted to announce that Psychic Anna will be with us here at Angel & Gift World, Sligo again SATURDAY 8th February 2020

In Anna’s own words “I tell you what my guides tell me, I won’t sugar coat what I am being told. If you want the truth come and see me, if you want to hear what you believe you want to hear I’m not your lady. I won’t lie, it is as my and your guides say”.


To book and pay €20 booking deposit to see Psychic Anna for a private reading please click the button below or call us on 071 9143440.  All booking deposits are non refundable.



If you have a group, we can do group Angel readings ( minimum 6 people). These take place upstairs in our skywalker room.

If its a special occasion or a hen party we can cater to your needs with bubbly and magical good luck charms with your Reading. Call us for more information on +353 71 9143440

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